Ceithre lá i gCill Áirne

4 days in Killarney

Déan iniúchadh ar an bPáirc Náisiúnta


Whether you are in Killarney for one night or enjoying a leisurely break, Killarney and Kerry have so many things to do for everyone in your group. With so many things to do it can be hard to pick! Here is our guide for things you can’t miss during your stay.

Lá amháin i gCill Áirne

1 Day in Killarney

Start your day in Killarney by checking into your room at the Arbutus Hotel. If you’re here early you can drop off your bags with us when you are beginning taking in the sites.

If you have just one day in Killarney then a visit to the National Park is a must, with so much within the park its hard to know what route to take! Stroll out the door of the hotel and the national park is a leisurely stroll to the right. Make sure to have good walking shoes and rain jacket and /or sunglasses, with Ireland’s changing weather chances are you will need both! Make sure you pick up some refreshments for your walk.

Once in the park simply walking around and taking in the views on your hike is an experience. The many lakes against the back drop of the mountain offer breaktaking views. For those who are not up for too much walking, or just want to save time,  the park has different entrances closer to the main attractions, typically with spaces to park the car.

Muckross House is a stunning Victorian house located in the center of the park, Queen Victoria herself stayed and visited here with prince Albert and her children in 1861. Due to her visit the house and gardens had extensive upkeep and expansion. Most of the house has been preserved from the style and furnishing at the time. Take a tour of the house and explore the lush gardens  with the beautiful backdrop of the lakes.

After your tour of the house why not travel in style up to Torc waterfall by a jaunting car? A traditionally Irish mode of transport, you will see jaunting car tours across the park and the Killarney streets!  Torc waterfall also has its own entrance to the park for those wishing to drive. Be aware the Torc waterfall will still take some hiking to get to, the steep walk is rewarded by a stunning view of the waterfall near the top – the perfect place for a photo.  

Within the park you’ll find different trails – some trails are longer and harder to complete and will take some time.

After returning by jaunting car to Muckross House, if you have the time (and energy) try and visit Muckross Abbey before leaving the park. The Abbey was founded in 1448 and and the Yew tree in the garden is said to be as old as the Abbey itself.

After all that walking you’ve earned a sit down! Head back to the hotel for a refreshing drink in Buckleys traditional bar. Relax and freshen up in your room before heading out for a delicious dinner, on College street you’ll find plenty of traditional restaurants to choose from. Afterwards be sure to head back to Buckley’s Bar for a traditional Irish pub experience, including a traditional trad session! After a full day of adventures your comfy bed is waiting for you upstairs.

Dhá Lá i gCill Áirne

2 Days in Killarney

Start your day with a delicious cooked Irish breakfast – our own Norrie Buckley’s homemade scones and bread are always favourites. Whether your checking out or exploring another day in Killarney – seeing the Ring of Kerry is a must. If you are not exploring Ireland by car – there are tours available to take you around the beautiful scenes and views. The Ring of Kerry covers 180 km surrounding Killarney and neighbouring towns, Killarney is the perfect place to start and end your tour  – the whole Ring takes about three and a half hours to explore without stopping. So plan a whole day for this wonderful experience.

Though there are plenty of sites worth stopping for on your tour – a must photo to get is Ladies View. Ladies View is a stunning and famous viewpoint which gives a wonderful picture of the lakes and mountains. Ladies’ view was named as such as during Queen Victoria’s tour of Kerry, her ladies stopped here. They were so enthralled with the visit it was then named for them.

Many tour companies offer add ons for their tours such as the Gap of Dunloe or visits to neighbouring towns or attractions  

After a long day exploring the Ring of Kerry head back to Killarney town for a delicious dinner and refreshments before heading to bed.

Trí Lá i gCill Airne

3 days in Killarney

If you are lucky enough to have three days to explore Killarney then use them well! Fill up with your delicious breakfast before heading out to explore. Ross Castle involves another trip to Killarney national park, Ross Castle is on Killarney’s lower lake and is easily accessible by car, tours, boat trips or even jaunting car. We’re happy to help you find the best way. Ross Castle is a 15th century that was once owned by the Earls of Kenmare – formally owners of much of the land that now contains the park.  The castle was the last stronghold again the invasion in Cromwell and held out until 1652. It is said that the original owner still visits every seven years and brings great luck to whoever sees him.

While on Ross Island there are other sites to explore – the island is framed by the backdrop of the Mac Gillycuddy Reeks. While on the Island walk take in the scenery and walk to other notable points such as Library Point and Governors rock.   

Afterwards, head back to Killarney town for a delicious meal and a night singing in Buckleys Bar.

Ceithre Lá i gCill Áirne

4 Days in Killarney

After 3 nights in Killarney, it’s not over yet! After a comfy night’s rest enjoy your breakfast in our welcoming and traditional dining space.

Once you check out continue to explore Killarney if you can! Some sights that can be taken in quicker are Killarney House and Gardens – a 7-minute walk from our door or just a three-minute drive if you prefer. The house and gardens are a gateway into the national park if you would like to continue your exploration.

A short drive from the house and gardens will bring you to St Marys’s cathedral, this is open to the public to either attend mass or explore the building. 

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