The spectacular Skellig Michael is located 13km off the South Kerry coast and is one of Ireland’s most historic sites. Made up of two rocky islands, the Skelligs rise over 200 metres out of the Atlantic. In the 6th century monks came to Skellig Michael and chose to create a monastic settlement here mainly due to its solitude.

This UNESCO World Heritage site lasted over 500 years into the 12th century, even from Viking attacks, and to this day the monk’s beehive huts still stand. The Skelligs were recently used as a shooting location for the new Star Wars movie.

The Skelligs are also famous for its rich wildlife where you can spot dolphins, seals, puffins, kittiwakes and many other marine animals. The Skelligs most famous residents are the 20,000 pairs of gannets that migrate here each year to the smaller island 'Little Skellig', making it the second largest gannet colony in the world.

It is just over an hour drive from Killarney to Portmagee where you can take boat trips to Skellig Michael. Tours to the Skelligs happen daily, weather permitting, where you can take in the stunning views of the islands and explore Skellig Michael by foot.

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